Lincolnshire Woodcraft

In our gallery we will show you pictures that may be of interest. Unusual Timbers, Turned Items etc.

These beautiful carvings by Timothy Williams of Liverpool using lime purchased from ourselves.

This large Olive Ash log is being cut at our sawmill.

Olive ash log


Display stand at North of England woodworking show

The Lime tree avenue at Burghley Park was planted in 1700. It has been felled in 2006 and is being replanted.
We acquired some of the felled timber.
The following sequence of pictures shows it being transformed from felled trees to sawn timber.

Moving the logsLoading

Joe Sedlmaier from Norfolk carved this piece from a block of the Lime.
It is based on a Jacobean door design.

Maureen Hockley carved this figure from a block of this Lime

This is a very rare piece of Burr Yew
 brown ash  Brown Ash boards
Timber Stacks seasoning
First Grade English Oak air drying 

Burr Oak Board 

 2 inch English Ash
yew Yew


burr oak  Burr Oak      burr oak
Camphor Lauler BurrCamphor Laurel Burr